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With almost two centuries of experience, Maison De Greef brings together a jewellery designer and an expert watchmaker under one roof. The exclusive alliance between these two brothers, each an expert in their field, is what constitutes the Maison's unique know-how.

Jewellery design

Entering our boutique to choose a Maison De Greef piece of jewellery means receiving a warm welcome and being guided by the creator himself. Our keen eye, along with our knowledge in gemmology, have led us to offer a personal selection of gemstones, each one more beautiful than the next. Our strength lies in the support that we offer our customers, so that they find the jewel they desire or have the opportunity to create it themselves.

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Inspired by art and architecture, we strive to find the happy medium between the simplicity of shapes and the modernity of materials. First drawn using gouache paint, our creations then come to life as a 3D model, and finally are sent to our workshops in southern Belgium, where they will be carefully made by our craftsmen.

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Watchmaking expertise

With our great passion for watches and the greatest names in the watchmaking industry, Maison De Greef is now one of the rare Belgian boutiques to offer a wide collection of watches with grand complications. To satisfy all tastes, we have developed a remarkable catalogue of watches, that will resist the most fleeting fashions and trends.

By associating with the most prestigious houses, and by taking the time to select the best models, we offer our customers what we consider to be the best in the watchmaking field. Near encyclopaedic knowledge and technical expertise will therefore be at your service to guide your choices, so that, from the novice to the real connoisseur, everyone can find the right watch for their wrist.